Practice Areas

Açıkel is a law firm that provides assistance in a wide range of legal matters. Our working areas mainly cover the following.

Family Law

Resolution of all disputes in the Family Courts,
Processing of the family residence sherhi to the deed register,
In cases of domestic violence and similar situations, the decision to take measures,
The regulation and execution of protocols in negotiated divorces,
The execution of divorce and saline cases,
Execution of asset liquidation after divorce,
Providing consultancy services on asset agreements between the parties to marry,
Resolving disputes caused by the end of engagement,
To produce legal solutions against the violation of the provisions of custody and alimony.

Receivable Tracking and Execution

Conducting executionand bankruptcy follow-ups for the purpose of collecting your receivables and reporting with the follow-up of processes,
In order to resolve disputes between creditor/borrower and third parties, the enforcement courts and the general courts shall be able to pursue legal and criminal cases,
Procedures related to the valuable paperwork and the provision of counseling services related to them.
Concordat and Bankruptcy,
Bankruptcy Reprieve and Configuration,
Debt liquidation negotiations and settlement agreements between the borrower or creditor clients and the other party to be connected to the protocol,
Resolve of disputes arising from the credit contracts of banks,

Mergers and Acquisitions

Representation at every stage of merger and acquisition, joint venture, acquisition, sale of companies, financing the company, growth and separation projects,
Preparation of due diligence reports, preparation and examination of share purchase and partnership agreements,
Structuring HR and providing solution partners,
Creation of corporate structure, consulting and management,
Realization of cmb legislation processes,
Preparation and examination of contracts including industry distributorship, joint marketing, joint promotion, licensing, procurement, franchise and management contracts.

Energy and Natural Resources Law

Providing consultancy services on production, distribution and financing in renewable energy areas such as electricity, wind, natural gas, solar power, as well as biomass and biofuels,
Preparation and examination of contracts in the energy sector,
All kinds of license applications and modifications related to the energy market,
Performing all kinds of procedures related to EPDK,
The installation of energy companies, the preparation of due diligence reports related to these companies, share transfers,
Preparation and examination of EPC and O&M contracts,
Preparation and examination of concession contracts,
Providing attorney’s services on representation and any other energy and natural resources related transactions in the administrative courts and the Council of State regarding the decisions of the administrative authorities,
Preparation and examination of license agreements,
Preparation and examination of production sharing contracts,
Preparation and examination of drilling and rehabilitation contracts,
Ensuring project financing and improvements, organizing and examining contracts, auditing the contractual compliance of the projects,
Ensuring technical support and supervision with our solution partners during the implementation phase of the projects and technical and legal monitoring and resolution of the follow-up of processes,
Preparation and examination of tax distribution contracts.

Intellectual Property

Real Estate Law

Shopping mall, residence, site management, tourism and hotel project consultancy,
Subcontractor contracts,
Trading – Contracts for sale,
Same, personal rights facility contracts,
Making and conducting various transactions such as real estate trading, rental, same or personal rights facility,
Real estate financing,
Making legal determination and preparing the report,
Realization of mortgage and mortgage transactions,
Preparation, review of rental contracts and resolution of disputes arising from contracts,
Tracking and management of lease agreements during the validity period,
Providing consultancy services on the transfer and management of property,
Architectural copyrightand licensing agreements,
Engineering and procurement contracts,
Auditing the compliance of projects in environmental legislation,
Deed transactions,
The acquisition of property by foreigners,
Development of management plans.

Administrative and Tax Law

Litigation tracking and dispute resolution,
The solution of problems arising from customs legislation and other administrative penalties and tax offences and penalties and representation in cases,
Making all kinds of administrative applications and objections,
The consumption of administrative roads and the monitoring of reconciliation processes,
Dispute resolution service in the process of cancellation and full judicial cases, which are seen by both local courts and the Council of State on representation, administrative regulations, communiqués, decrees, decisions and administrative procedures under administrative authorities,
Resolution of disputes arising from the expropriation and zoning plan and the pursuit of cases,
Tax planning and configuration.
Preparation of technical documents and lists in tax assessments, evaluation of tax review reports,
Asset management

Business and Labor Law

Protection of Personal Data

Providing training to the data controller and their relevant departments about the relevant legislation and implementation within the scope of the KVKK,
Preparation and inspection of KVKK documentation,
Tracking GDPR and KVKK changes and updating relevant documentation,
Provision of corporate correspondence,
Providing correspondence with the applicants,
Creation of clients’ data recording systems,
Preparation and/or reviseof all contracts under the KVKK.

Corporate Governance and Consulting Services

Division, mergers and kinds of changes,
Conducting general assembly and board meetings,
Creation, negotiation and examination of all kinds of contracts,
Structuring employment,
To organize business, to ensure comprehensive corporate governance services and compliance with legislation,
Tracking of the processes of establishment and activity,
Dissolution and liquidation of cooperatives,
Providing consultancy services to cooperative or cooperative associations,
Transfer of assets and commercial enterprise transfers,
Share transfers,
Ensuring the establishment of a branch or liaison office,
Providing continuous consultancy on the daily ordinary activities of domestic and foreign companies,
Appointment of administrators,
The pursuit and execution of cases arising from the legal and criminal responsibilities of the members of the board of directors,
Basic corporate governance services,
Tax office registration,
Tax configuration.

Brand Protection

Corporate and Commercial Law

Main contract,
Electronic Commerce,
Franchising/Dealership Transactions and contracts,
Privacy Agreements,
Prevention of unfair competition,
Legal determination reporting,
Signature Secrets & Internal Guidelines,
Compliance Processes under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data,
Inter-partner company management contracts and limited responsible partnership agreements,
Private Equity Transactions and Investments,
Capital increases and reductions,
Capital Markets Compliance Processes,
Distressed Company Transactions,
To hold company establishment and general meeting meetings,
Branch and Liaison Office Establishment,
Litigation and dispute resolution applications in commercial disputes,
Preparation, Negotiation and Tadili of Trade Agreements,
Compliance Training in Turkish Commercial Law,
Asset Sales,
All Other Company Transactions and Casual Advocacy Services,
Board of Directors and General Assembly Meetings,
Duties and Responsibilities of Members of the Board of Directors.